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Why You Need to Consider Using Realtor for Your Home

Selling a home is a long process that consumes time, need patience, and can be frustrating, to say the least, it is the process where the seller is looking to sell the property at the highest value possible while at the other end is the buyer who wants to buy an ideal home at the lowest amount possible and the two parties must come into a consensus for the transaction to take place, but before the sale can actualize or each party to get satisfied in most time it requires an experienced and skilled negotiator, the listing agent although sometimes the property owners manage to sell the property by themselves. In most cases, homeowners make some considerations such as the commission they will pay the listing agent, the value of the property, speed of sale among other factors which they use as a base for deciding whether to list their property with a realtor or list their properties. This article compares these factors that homeowners consider deciding whether to involve a listing agent or go solo and sell the property without an agent.

The main reason why most homeowners decide to sell their properties is to avoid paying the commission real agent asks, in most cases the commission range between 4-6 percent of the sale of the property but what most property owners seem to forget is that the fee covers numerous hours the realtors come to show your property to potential buyers, negotiations, legal process and much more the owners will find out once they decide to sell their properties, furthermore choosing to sell your house by yourself will still cost you some hundreds if not thousands of dollars to list your house for potential buyers.

The other thing that homeowner make them consider involving a listing agent or not is when they have a viable or interested buyer such as a friend, family member, or neighbor, in such situation FSBO is the way to go, but in situations where you have no interested or viable buyer going to market alone can be rough for you especially if it’s the first time to sell a property, the good thing with a listing agent have a list of buyers who might be interested in your property making the sale first and saving your time and energy.

When you are selling your property in a high demand market you can consider selling your properties without engaging a listing agent, however, lack of experience, limited knowledge in the property market as well as inefficient negotiation skills may make you sell your properties at garbage price losing more than the commission you could have paid the listing agent. Those are some considerations you need to make before choosing FSBO.

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